rowling.jpgClassicists: J. K. Rowling


probably needs no introduction. But just in case you did not know she studied Classics and French at the University of Exeter.

dido.jpgClassicists: Dido


the singer, not to be confused with a legendary Queen of Carthage, gained 'A' levels in Latin, Greek and Philosophy.

JonathanEvans.jpgClassicists: Jonathan Evans


was the Director General of MI5. He studied Classics at Bristol University.

martinchris.jpgClassicists: Chris Martin


of Coldplay read Classics at University College London, graduating with a first class degree.

johnson.jpgClassicists: Boris Johnson


We Want YOU? Mayor of London, Boris read Classics at Balliol College, Oxford. He was also (briefly) a student at EEBII and worked in Brussels.

Rashbass.jpgClassicists: Stephen Fry


is someone else who needs no introduction. Broadcaster, writer, actor, he has championed the importance of a classical education in a post-modern world.

Rashbass.jpgClassicists: Andrew Rashbass


is the CEO of The Economist .... He has a Classics and Philosophy degree from St. John's Cambridge, followed by an M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence.

lampard.jpgClassicists: Frank Lampard


got an 'A' in his Latin GCSE. Some footballers, it seems, are a cut above the average.

Ted TurnerClassicists: Ted Turner


is the head of CNN. He majored in Classics from Brown University (USA).

The following list of the 100 most influential people in history is taken from M. H. Hart, The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History. Revised and Updated for the Nineties (Citadel; London, 2000). If they were not an ancient Greek or Roman, the vast majority studied Classics or another ancient language and culture at some point in their career .... Click on the name to find out more.

Muhammad • Isaac Newton • Jesus Christ • Buddha • Confucius • St. Paul • Ts'ai Lun • Johann Gutenberg • Christopher Columbus • Albert Einstein • Louis Pasteur • Galileo Galilei • Aristotle • Euclid • Moses • Charles Darwin • Shih Huang Ti • Augustus Caesar • Nicolaus Copernicus • Antoine Laurent Lavoisier • Constantine the Great • James Watt • Michael Faraday • James Clerk Maxwell • Martin Luther • George Washington • Karl Marx • Orville and Wilbur Wright • Genghis Kahn • Adam Smith • Edward de Vere • John Dalton • Alexander the Great • Napoleon Bonaparte • Thomas Edison • Antony van Leeuwenhoek • William T.G. Morton • Guglielmo MarconiAdolf Hitler • Plato • Oliver Cromwell • Alexander Graham Bell • Alexander Fleming • John Locke • Ludwig van Beethoven • Werner Heisenberg • Louis Daguerre • Simon Bolivar • Rene Descartes • Michelangelo • Pope Urban II • Umar ibn al-Khattab • Asoka • St. Augustine • William Harvey • Ernest Rutherford • John Calvin • Gregor Mendel • Max Planck • Joseph Lister • Nikolaus August Otto • Francisco Pizarro • Hernando Cortes • Thomas Jefferson • Queen Isabella I • Joseph Stalin • Julius Caesar • William the Conqueror • Sigmund Freud • Edward Jenner • Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen • Johann Sebastian Bach • Lao Tzu • Voltaire • Johannes Kepler • Enrico Fermi • Leonhard Euler • Jean-Jacques Rousseau • Nicoli Machiavelli • Thomas Malthus • John F. Kennedy • Gregory Pincus • Mani • Lenin • Sui Wen Ti • Vasco da Gama • Cyrus the Great • Peter the Great • Mao Zedong • Francis Bacon • Henry Ford • Mencius • Zoroaster • Queen Elizabeth I • Mikhail Gorbachev • Menes • Charlemagne • Homer • Justinian I • Mahavira


St. Thomas Aquinas • Archimedes • Charles Babbage • Cheops • Marie Curie • Benjamin Franklin • Mohandas Gandhi • Abraham Lincoln • Ferdinand Magellan • Leonardo da Vinci

[List adapted from]


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