Rashbass.jpgClassicists: Andrew Rashbass


is the CEO of The Economist .... He has a Classics and Philosophy degree from St. John's Cambridge, followed by an M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence.

johnson.jpgClassicists: Boris Johnson


We Want YOU? Mayor of London, Boris read Classics at Balliol College, Oxford. He was also (briefly) a student at EEBII and worked in Brussels.

Rashbass.jpgClassicists: Stephen Fry


is someone else who needs no introduction. Broadcaster, writer, actor, he has championed the importance of a classical education in a post-modern world.

martinchris.jpgClassicists: Chris Martin


of Coldplay read Classics at University College London, graduating with a first class degree.

lampard.jpgClassicists: Frank Lampard


got an 'A' in his Latin GCSE. Some footballers, it seems, are a cut above the average.

dido.jpgClassicists: Dido


the singer, not to be confused with a legendary Queen of Carthage, gained 'A' levels in Latin, Greek and Philosophy.

Ted TurnerClassicists: Ted Turner


is the head of CNN. He majored in Classics from Brown University (USA).

JonathanEvans.jpgClassicists: Jonathan Evans


was the Director General of MI5. He studied Classics at Bristol University.

rowling.jpgClassicists: J. K. Rowling


probably needs no introduction. But just in case you did not know she studied Classics and French at the University of Exeter.

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Getting into tertiary education and finding a good job has never been more difficult for young people than it is now. For this reason the careers counsellors at the European School think it is an extremely good idea for students in years five and six to find a placement that is relevant to their future career direction.

'Work experience' covers a wide range of possibilities. Students may choose a fairly conventional work placement, i.e. two weeks in a hospital or working in a law firm. Others may decide that a summer course is more worth their while, e.g. a class in ancient Greek or archaeology - subjects which do not always run at the school; still others may attend conferences, train to become sports coaches, attend music stages, go on archaeological digs. The point is that students are encouraged to expand their horizons and to adopt a sense of responsibility in the adult world. It is to be hoped that such experiences will continue their development into adulthood whilst making them a more desirable candidate for the very best tertiary institutions and future jobs.

The following links will provide you with further information and the necessary documentation:

Not sure where to go for work experience? This link takes you to previous work experience placements by our students:

  • Previous Work Experience Placements
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