JonathanEvans.jpgClassicists: Jonathan Evans


was the Director General of MI5. He studied Classics at Bristol University.

martinchris.jpgClassicists: Chris Martin


of Coldplay read Classics at University College London, graduating with a first class degree.

dido.jpgClassicists: Dido


the singer, not to be confused with a legendary Queen of Carthage, gained 'A' levels in Latin, Greek and Philosophy.

Rashbass.jpgClassicists: Andrew Rashbass


is the CEO of The Economist .... He has a Classics and Philosophy degree from St. John's Cambridge, followed by an M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence.

Ted TurnerClassicists: Ted Turner


is the head of CNN. He majored in Classics from Brown University (USA).

johnson.jpgClassicists: Boris Johnson


We Want YOU? Mayor of London, Boris read Classics at Balliol College, Oxford. He was also (briefly) a student at EEBII and worked in Brussels.

Rashbass.jpgClassicists: Stephen Fry


is someone else who needs no introduction. Broadcaster, writer, actor, he has championed the importance of a classical education in a post-modern world.

lampard.jpgClassicists: Frank Lampard


got an 'A' in his Latin GCSE. Some footballers, it seems, are a cut above the average.

rowling.jpgClassicists: J. K. Rowling


probably needs no introduction. But just in case you did not know she studied Classics and French at the University of Exeter.

Dr. Nice is now the Lead Coordinator for careers and university guidance. He no longer leads the orientation sessions in the Anglophone section. Please speak to Mrs. Green.

There are normally three sessions for Year 6 Orientation, the (legacy) programme for 2008 to 2015 was as follows. Follow the links for more information!

Session One: Introduction: Life as a 6th year student. Developing good study skills and habits. With FURTHER READING!!

Session Two: The Future: Identifying abilities, interests and passions. Equating ambition with personal characteristics. University or not? Exploring ALL the options.

**Session Three: UCAS Meeting** (Normally in April, in the evening, 1830-2130). For 6th year parents and students. Absolutely essential for finding out about the application process to British universities. For more information about the process, click HERE.

Session Four: Preparing for University/Personal Statements: What happens between the sixth and seventh year? Preparations for the future. The 5 Ps: Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. The art of selling yourself: CVs and Personal Statements.

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