Web Projects


Currently, I have two major web projects underway:

1. Waterpolo International


A major website devoted to developing an online bibliography of all items relevant to the sport of water polo. At the moment my focus is books, academic articles, and informative online articles. Initial responses to the website have been very favourable. Waterpolo Planet has called it an "EXCELLENT resource". Hopefully, the development can continue ....

2. Julius Obsequens - Online


Julius Obsequens is a minor Latin author. His liber prodigiorum ('Book of Prodigies'> has little literary merit. Yet Obsequens has an historical importance which belies his meagre literary abilities. His work has been mined by literary experts and historians alike for the clues that it can give us regarding the history of the later Roman Republic, in particular, the importance of the prodigy reports in the context of Roman religion. The marvellous phenomena in his work made him a hit with 16th century teratologists. In more recent times the work has been used by experts in meteorology for historical evidence of celestial phenomena and, less reliably, by those who would argue that there has been a long tradition of aliens visiting the earth.

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