This part of the site is devoted to Dr. Nice's second year classes at EEB2.

In Year Two we  will use the Cambridge Latin Course book 1 (pretty picture on the right hand side!). Click on the book for more details. If you click on the syllabus link to the left you will find a brief overview of this year's syllabus - go to the relevant page for more in-depth information.

I have divided the third year part of the site into three sections: 1 for the syllabus - that's for you and your parents; 2 for language matters - so go here for everything relevant to nouns, verbs and so on; 3 for history and culture topics. Not all of these are available but I hope to keep it mostly up-to-date.

***Students and parents please note that the Cambridge Schools Classics Project maintains an excellent website to accompany the course. You can find additional exercises and materials for BOOK ONE here.***

If you want to suggest any improvements please email me :)

Good luck and I hope you find this website useful!


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